New Professionals

WAFCS Advice for New Professionals
Whether you are just starting your career or have been in the field for many years, click here to learn from WAFCS members as they offer their best pieces of advice on topics ranging from attitude and finances to organization and relationships.

Financial Mistakes to Avoid as a New Professional

Protégé Plus
Protégé Plus is a mentoring initiative sponsored by WAFCS to all new professionals in their first five years of a FCS career. Based on survey results from autumn of 2013, providing resources, one-on-one mentoring opportunities and small group training are being provided to new professionals. This two-year field study will conclude the spring of 2015 at which time the WAFCS Board of Directors will determine the future of Protégé Plus. Funding for this initiative has been through a WAFCS Foundation grant and matching funds by John & Catherine Lader.
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